How To Produce Evidence in Case of an Accident


Suppose you have been the victim of any kind of accident that caused damage to your physical or psychological integrity. Hence, you should consider the possibility of suing the person responsible for the incident. In such a case, it is very important to gather evidence that demonstrates the extent of the damage suffered, whether they are material, moral, or aesthetic.

Although throughout the process, it is possible to require an expert to prove them, other types of evidence help a lot! This post will discuss ways to provide evidence for accidents that can lead to personal injury claims.

3 Proven Ways To Prove Evidence in Case of an Accident

Evidence of Medical Treatment

The victim of an active hit-and-run case and is hospitalized or undergoing medical treatment is certainly in a moment of enormous fragility and often without guidance. In this sense, the family can play an important role in helping the person obtain and organize documents that may be useful in the future.


It is important to keep medical reports, prescriptions, and proof of expenses with doctors and medicines. If possible, the person should try to obtain the medical record, which may be difficult to obtain later. The medical record is the property of the patient, who has the right to access it and may request a copy. It contains all data relating to the patient, describing the evolution of symptoms and tests performed, in addition to treatments and prescriptions.


All of these documents can be useful even for the expert in the process, if applicable, as well as photographs that portray the damage, its evolution, and the inconvenience suffered by the victim.

Psychological Repercussions of the Accident

Depending on the case, the accident can have psychological consequences for the victim, which is commonly neglected. There are several car accidents with no damage, of which it is essential to estimate its psychological effect on the victim. The consequences of such an accident can go far beyond the physical and visible and be more lasting than they appear.


In this sense, assessing the need to seek psychological and psychiatric care and treatment is important. Suppose this is the case, and the victim intends to take legal action. In that case, it is essential to talk to the professional about the need for a report describing the psychological impact of the accident and its consequences. This type of evidence will be very important to support a claim for moral damages, for example.

If Work Was Affected: Proving Lost Earnings

The material damage caused by accident also includes the so-called lost profits, which involve the losses suffered by the person’s work activities and what the victim failed to profit from.


In this sense, if the victim is a businesswoman or self-employed professional, for example. It is important to gather evidence related to the activities she stopped performing during the recovery period, such as lost contracts and clients, a drop in revenue, and delayed jobs, causing financial losses.


We are not saying here that the first thought victims should have towards a possible lawsuit to build active hit-and-run cases. The search for reparation or judicial guarantee of their rights must reflect and respect the victim’s desire and the right time. However, we hope these tips are a helpful reminder of the types of evidence to look for early on, which will make the process easier later on.


Looking for a lawyer with all the documents you can obtain is vital. Indeed, having professional access to them will be better able to present the prospects of a lawsuit according to your case. Remember that Legal Favor is available to serve you with all the necessary information for all personal injury claims on active hit-and-run cases!