Have Your Home Vegetable Garden: Learning the Art of Organic Gardening!

indoor vegetable garden
indoor vegetable garden

If you are a person who likes a healthy diet, it’s time to have your garden. The subject is organic gardening, with no fertilizers or pesticides. See how to become your own farmer. Roll up your sleeves and plant health!

Exploring the soil brings serious ecological, social, and energy problems indiscriminately! Microorganisms and biochemical reactions, natural or cultivated in the laboratory, take care of these phenomena. In this way, sensible scientists learn from nature and direct their research to protect it.


This blog post discusses how you can become your own indoor vegetable garden farmer and the benefits of organic gardening.

Basic Rules To Follow for Your Own Garden

If you are a conscious person, start your plantation right away by following these basic rules:


  • Select the plants that can best adapt to your garden. Plants are happy when they feel the place’s positive energy which is the environment’s mood!
  • Do not choose plants that require the presence of the direct sun, same with humidity. The middle ground, in these cases, is ideal.
  • Vegetation covers in your garden can have several purposes. It fights weeds, conserves water, regulates soil temperature, nourishes the soil, and prevents erosion.
  • Create a kind of diversity in your garden. A well-mixed mix of plants will attract more beneficial insects.
  • Know your plants well in order to be able to detect any problems with them because, as everyone knows, nature is cyclical, and learning how seasonal changes work modifies your plants. And you will be able to anticipate problems even for winter gardening.

5 Benefits of Organic Gardening

organic gardening
organic gardening


Even if all fruits and vegetables do not have the same organic and visual characteristics, in your organic garden, they will be much more delicious than those you buy in the supermarket or grocery store. There’s nothing better than fresh fruit picked from the tree or freshly picked vegetables without pesticides and the like! No cooking! You have to eat the vegetables straight from your garden!


Since organic gardening does not require any pesticides, your fruits, and vegetables will not harm your health. On the contrary, because they were harvested directly from the earth, naturally, without “chemical help”! Don’t forget the old adage, “we are what we eat.”


Planting your own organic garden will save you money because the cost of food will be much lower than those charged by stores that sell organic products. If you mess up, your savings could be up to 50%! What’s more, you’ll avoid wasting fuel and, best of all, you’ll be free from traffic stress!


Ask any gardener what he feels when tilling the soil, planting seeds, or pulling weeds out of the garden! You may hear answers that go something like this: “it’s the moment when I’m connected with myself and with nature!”; “working with the soil and watching my garden grow makes me feel like I’m part of something bigger!”; “this is my time to pray or to meditate…”.


As organic gardening eliminates the use of pesticides, chemical insecticides, herbicides, or fertilizers, no chemical product will mix with the water you use, and so, in addition to, plants, birds, insects, and animals will not be harmed. What’s more, the danger of erosion in neighboring lands, besides yours, will not occur precisely because of the constant nourishment of the soil.


In other words, organic gardening benefits the larger ecosystem. In addition to crops, a healthy organic garden is, by its very nature, a diversified ecosystem with flowers, birds, insects, amphibians, bees, and butterflies. It’s a safe haven for living beings, so it perfectly balances nature!

Even Ants Help With Organic Gardening!

Did you know that ants, contrary to what many people think, are suitable for your garden and plants? The ants do not feed on collected leaves. In fact, they use them for fungi to develop to serve as food.


By way of comparison, it is as if the ants made a fungus “corral” for later slaughter and consumption. Thanks to the consumption of these fungi, among other factors, the soil is always nourished and airy.


If there is an ant’s infestation in your yard, find out their trail! Observe which species they attack and use this discovery to improve your garden conditions. Note that, around the trail that the ants make, usually on a lawn, there are no branches, flowers, or plants!

Medicinal and Food Plants Can Be Grown in Organic Gardening!

They are used for the production of natural repellents, juices, teas, salads, and other organic products. The basic principle of natural agriculture is to release the full potential of the soil’s natural forces.


There is more knowledge about growing indoor vegetable gardens. Thus, you need to learn more about this topic or get more general gardening ideas. In that case, we’ve got you covered at Garden Wisdoms for all garden topics and trends.