Why use biodegradable disposable products?

Biodegradable disposable products
Biodegradable disposable products

Disposable items are efficient in many ways. However, those made of polymers that come from petroleum, such as Styrofoam, pollute a lot. Fortunately, biodegradable disposable products are already an option, and their use is spreading among the population.


In addition to still having its practicality now, the environment is also being taken into account. Eco Bunny Store sells this type of planet-friendly product. If you want to join in caring for the environment and using this product, you can keep reading the article to understand more and how to get these eco-friendly home products.

Did you know?

Initially, to drink water in public places, around 1900, there were already disposable paper cups, which had a wax coating inside. Hugh Moore invented it to sell a drink of water. However, sometime later, a company was in charge of introducing disposable plastic cups to the market. This opened the door to the diversity of manufacturing these utensils. It also extends not only to glasses but also to plates and cutlery that have been gaining popularity to this day.


The main objective of disposable cups was to maintain hygiene and public health by avoiding cross-contamination. In the past, in public places, for example, for railway passengers, there were water containers where people submerged their respective glasses or the same glass to drink water. This caused diseases to spread among the population because microorganisms, such as viruses and bacteria, stayed in the water, causing others to become infected.


When individual disposable cups arrived, each person could use one without risking infection by drinking water from a public container. This is because there was no longer a need for everyone to submerge their respective cups. This use was extended to other public places, such as hospitals and schools. Later, when Styrofoam began to be used, this type of material was preferred due to its resistance. From there, the use of disposables became popular, especially in restaurants.


The use of plastic disposables was a great idea until several years later. We realized the durability of the material, the long time it takes to decompose, and the large amounts that end up in the trash each year, polluting the land and sea.

Benefits of disposable products for the environment

The use of plastic disposables has increased over the years, tripling from the 1960s to the year 2000. The reality is that their use is part of a social dynamic due to the practicality they provide and the fact that they make many things easier in everyday life. Of course, they offer advantages in our daily and social life, especially when it comes to large events where a large number of people attend.


Not only will disposable items such as plates and glasses be used, but the paper must also be taken into account. We must also consider this element in the change we make to help the environment due to the large amounts we use.


Biodegradable disposable products also offer the advantages offered by plastic cups and plates. They are practical and facilitate daily life and social events. In addition to the fact that we can add a plus that these products are made of environmentally friendly materials, this means that they will no longer take 1,500 years to degrade, they do not pollute the seas, nor will they cause damage to their fauna.

Biodegradable disposable products
Biodegradable disposable products

Among the benefits of using biodegradable disposable products is that biodegradation will be faster, and its recycling process has less impact than plastic disposables, thanks to the fact that they are now manufactured based on organic products. Therefore, the recycling process considerably reduces energy and water consumption if we compare it with the recycling process of plastic products that carry higher expenses and pollute more.


Biodegradable disposable products have the same characteristics as plastic disposables. They are also hygienic products and do not contaminate the food or drink that is served on them. They are hygienically packaged and do not present a risk of causing injuries due to being made of Light but resistant materials. They are economical and easy to transport without running the risk of breaking.


If you need environmentally friendly products such as plates, glasses, and food storage, count on Eco Bunny Store to provide you with them. Be part of the people who make a change in the environment, and contact us to get all you need. We will answer your questions and requests.