When is Important

CCTV Footage

There’s no doubt that crime scene footage can be highly unsettling for viewers. When is crime scene footage important? In a world where technology enables us to capture and store vast amounts of data, crime scene footage can be beneficial.

This video story follows the investigation of a cold-case murder committed 30 years ago.

A woman was walking home from a night out with her friends in the early morning. As she walked down the street, she was approached by two men – one of whom she knew. Without warning, he pulled out a knife and attacked her. He brutally raped and murdered her before running off, leaving her body on the street to be discovered by passers the next day.

The victim was a young woman who had just moved to town and got involved with the wrong people. The suspects, in this case, were all known criminals, and it seemed like they had gotten away with it before. However, thanks to the tireless work of the detectives in charge of this case, they finally managed to catch them and bring them to justice.


Reasons Why CCTV Footage is so Important

Footage can be precious in helping investigators solve crimes. It can help them identify potential suspects, track down leads and build a case against the perpetrator.

There are a few reasons why CCTV footage is so important:

  1.  Footage from crime scenes can help investigators reconstruct what happened. This can help them build a complete picture of the event and determine who was involved.
  2. Footage from crime scenes can also help them determine the motive for the crime. This information can be incredibly useful in identifying suspects and linking them to the crime in a whole way.
  3. Footage from crime scenes can also reveal clues leading to the suspect’s whereabouts. By tracking down these clues, investigators may be able to catch the perpetrator before they escape justice once again.
  4. Working on a crime story, then you need to be aware of the issue of CCTV footage fade background, or it can be background blue. This problem can occur when footage from a security camera is recorded over an extended period.


While crime scene footage can be pretty traumatic for the people involved, it is often critical in prosecuting a criminal. In some cases, it may even be the only evidence that can help prove someone’s guilt.