What Are The 2023 Wedding Dress Trends You Should Look Forward To?

wedding dress princess
wedding dress princess

For brides to be looking to have their wedding in 2023, now is the time to start looking at the latest wedding dress trends of the year. Interestingly, an insider has shed more light on what you should expect for the year. In a report covered by Yahoo News, an insider spoke to Galia Lahav’s lead designer Sharon Sever regarding the newest trends for 2023.


What exactly are these latest wedding dress modern style trends? Why should you trust Bliss Gown to help you with your custom wedding dress for 2023? Read on to discover all you need to understand about these questions.

Many wedding dress (modern) styles will be Inspired by Old Hollywood glamor

With just a few days gone already in 2023, countless 2023 brides will certainly have started planning their weddings. Also, many of these brides must have started looking for special dresses for the big day. If you’re one of these 2023 brides, the good news is that there are new trends for you to pick your preferred wedding-gown styles.


Recently, Sharon Sever, the lead designer for Galia Lahav, interacted with an Insider regarding wedding dress trends that will become popular in 2023. According to the lead Galia Lahav designer, trending 2023 dresses will take cues from the classic red-carpet looks of most Hollywood celebrities.


Here’s what Sever said while pointing to Old Hollywood styles:


“Slits are popular now, again, going back to the old world. There are many trends that draw inspiration from that period of time.”


Furthermore, Sever mentioned that 2023 brides should look out for wedding dresses with feather embellishments, as they’ll most certainly become very popular this year.


“We’re seeing a lot of feathers that weren’t popular before. That’s something I really like. A lot of glam. Everything is bling and crystals.”

Wedding Dress
wedding dress modern

Wedding dress princess styles will be popular in 2023

One good thing about wedding dress princess or wedding dress A-line styles is that they are flattering for almost all body types. This makes them a popular pick for most brides. In 2023, Sharon Sever says upcoming brides should also look out for princess-Esque dresses.


Here’s what Sever said while speaking to an insider below:


“We’re seeing that princess look coming back with all the volume and all the glitz and glam.


Speaking of wedding dress princess gowns, Sever means long wedding dress trains as well as dresses with fuller skirts. The lead designer also sees 2023 brides pairing these dramatic long wedding dress trains with elbow-length gloves for a more elegant look.

wedding dresses with feather embellishments
wedding dresses with feather embellishments

Why should you consider Bliss Gown?

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The comfort of our client is one thing that we take seriously and this explains why we offer custom-made dresses. According to Sever, irrespective of the style you’re looking to pick in 2023, you need to put “comfort’ first. The designer revealed that the chance of any 2023 trending dress staying for a longer period is slim if it isn’t comfortable.