Priorities for Minnesota

Experience, Leadership, Service and Compassion 

Now, more than ever, we need a Congressperson who represents us. We need someone seeking to serve, not seeking a title. Our community and our country’s future depend on it.

When his country needed him, Adam joined the Minnesota Army National Guard and served our nation overseas. 

Today, Adam is a member of the Tonka Bay City Council, a Board member of a local food shelf, a provider of housing for homeless veterans, and a Deacon at his church. Adam will be our voice in Congress; he will move past politics as usual and toward solutions. 


Every year thousands of preventable deaths occur because millions of Americans do not have access to health care. Adam will fight to protect health care, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid from a hostile administration. No American should ever be forced to go without health care – whether because of age, income, or any preexisting condition. Adam supports the proposed legislation put forth by Senators Franken, Warren, Harris, and others calling for a public option and Medicare for All. Unlike Erik Paulsen, Adam also strongly supports fully funding Planned Parenthood. 

Under Congressman Erik Paulsen, nine million children lost their health care when CHIP was defunded. Furthermore, Paulsen sided with his fellow Republicans to remove health insurance from another 24 million Americans when he supported the AHCA to give huge tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans. Increasing our deficit at the expense of millions of people is NOT the right thing to do. Every American deserves access to health insurance. Doing so is both fiscally and morally responsible. 

Medicare for All Act of 2017

Fix It: Healthcare at the Tipping Point


Education is the cornerstone of democracy. Adam's sister and mother-in-law are both career public educators. He has watched as they have poured countless hours into grading papers late at night and, in some cases, used their own resources to enrich the educational experience of their students. 

We owe it to them and the nation to provide our educations with the best resources available to help children know and understand the world around them. We should not be making cuts to educational funding or diverting funding through vouchers. In addition to compensating teachers for what is one of the most important professions in this nation, we should do everything in our power to: 

  • Fully fund special education (the 40% committed to in 1972)
  • Provide resources to address issues like mental health, substance abuse, food insecurity, housing instability and suicide prevention
  • Fund early childhood education from 0-5 years of age
  • Provide for summer enrichment programs to maintain educational momentum
  • Hold charter schools accountable to the same standards that we require of their public counterparts

Working Families are the Key to a Strong Economy

Adam will always work to strengthen our economy with better paying jobs. Living through his family's bankruptcy in high school and rising above it to have a successful career, Adam understands the role the government plays in supporting working families, who are the key to a strong economy. 

Adam understands the economic opportunity that comes with a livable wage job and the important role of education in building a better life. He put himself through college as a member of AFSCME and later a UAW worker at the Ford Twin Cities Assembly Plant. He enlisted in the Minnesota Army National Guard after 9/11 and went on to become a military officer. He earned his MBA from the Carlson School of Management, which led to a successful career in finance. Adam knows what it means to work hard when there is no safety net; how it feels to lie awake at night wondering how to make ends meet before the paycheck, or waiting to buy milk because there isn't enough money in the bank. Those are the experiences and values he will bring to Congress. 

Women's Health

Adam is pro-choice. All women should be guaranteed the right to make their own health care and reproductive decisions, including the right to choose.

LGBTQ Equality & Family Values

Adam stands with the LGBTQ community. The government should not interfere between two people who love one another and their families. Our government should also protect the rights of LGBTQ people against discrimination in housing and employment while stepping up efforts to combat anti-LGBTQ violence. 

Immigration Reform

Adam believes we need leaders who are ready to move past the partisan fighting to reform our complicated immigration system. We need to create an accountable pathway to earned citizenship, while making sure we enforce existing laws to protect the security of both citizens and non-citizens. We also need reforms to make our visa system more efficient and fair.


We can’t afford to wait to take action on climate change – our future depends on it.  Global warming is caused by human activity and it’s up to us to fight to reduce both its present-day impacts and potential future consequences. A responsible climate strategy also means continuing to invest in clean energy and build a future powered by renewable sources such as wind, solar, and biofuels.