Priorities for Minnesota

Moving Beyond
Politics as Usual

Now more than ever, we need a Congressman who represents us – not the special interests. We need someone seeking to serve, not seeking a title. Our community and our country’s future depend on it.

When his country needed him, Adam put on the uniform and served our nation. When his local community needed him, Adam served on the local city council. Now, Adam will be our voice in Congress who will move past politics as usual and toward solutions. 

Jobs, Economy, and the Budget

Adam will work to strengthen our economy with more and better jobs. Using lessons he learned in his successful career in finance, he will support fiscal discipline so our budget and our tax code support our strategic goals.

Adam understands the economic opportunity that comes with a job and the role of education in building a better life.  He put himself through college as a line worker at the Ford Twin Cities Assembly Plant in St. Paul and joined the Minnesota Army National Guard after 9/11. He went on to become a military officer, earned his MBA from the Carlson School of Management and later had a successful career in finance. Adam knows what it means to work hard when there is no safety net; how it feels to lie awake nights wondering how to make ends meet before the next paycheck – or waiting to buy milk because there isn’t enough money in the bank. Those are the experiences and the values he will bring to Congress.

Healthcare and the
American Promise

Adam will fight to protect healthcare, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid from a hostile administration. No American should ever be forced to go without healthcare – whether because of age, income, or any preexisting condition.

Yet Congressman Erik Paulsen voted to exempt Congress from the AHCA waivers that would increase premiums based on age and would raise premiums for people with preexisting conditions. This makes no sense. Until every citizen can be covered under the same guidelines, Adam won’t accept the health insurance offered to members of Congress.

Protecting our National Security

Our security and leadership in the world depends on many men and women who work around the clock to keep us safe. We need to listen to these experts. When 17 U.S. intelligence agencies tell us that Russia is working to undermine our democracy, we need to pay attention. This is a clear security concern. Partisan politics cannot play a role in national security because our safety, and – in this case – the very fabric our democracy, are at risk.

In Congress, Adam will do everything in his power to protect our national interests and our democratic institutions by holding the administration accountable – both for what they do and what they fail to do.

Strengthening Public Education

Education is the cornerstone of good democracy. Adam’s sister and mother-in-law are both career public educators. He has watched as they have poured countless hours into grading papers late at night and, in some cases, using their own resources to enrich the educational experience of their students. These children will be making tomorrow’s decisions! 

We owe it to them and we owe it to the nation to provide our educators with the best resources available to help children know and understand the world around them. We should not be making cuts to educational funding and instead we should do everything in our power to compensate teachers for what is one of the most important professions in this nation.

Fighting Poverty

Cutting Health & Human Services funding is penny wise and pound foolish. We can live up to our moral duty to provide food for the elderly and disabled who need it while maintaining financial responsibility. Many people here in our district depend on Meals on Wheels. In some cases, it's the only thing keeping them out of a nursing home or being forced to move in with family. Taking away a low-cost meal could not only deprive citizens of their independence, but place additional burdens on already strained resources and ultimately cost the system more.

It's time to stop letting Congress score cheap points by cutting vital services for the poor and vulnerable. Adam will use his years of financial management experience to bring common-sense solutions to Congress. He will help create a budget that's financially sound and lives up to our values.