Key Reasons To Consider Axe Throwing In NYC For Team Building

axe-throwing Long Island
axe-throwing Long Island

The importance of team building in every organization can’t be overstressed enough. Team building is important to help your employees network and socialize with each other for more productivity. Furthermore, it also helps to boost your team performance, which is important for your company to achieve more profitability. Team building also fosters collaboration, and improves your employee’s communication skills. Today, one effective team-building activity you can consider organizing for your employees is Axe Throwing NYC.


What exactly is NY Axe Throwing? How exactly can this activity help improve and build your team for greater productivity? Read on to find the answers to these team-building-related questions and a few others.

What exactly is Axe Throwing in Long Island?

If you’re very familiar with archery, then it’s safe to say you already have an idea of what NY axe throwing is all about. Both archery and axe throwing involves throwing a device and targeting a particular location. The difference between these two target-striking sports is that archery involves the use of bows and arrows while axe-throwing uses axes.


Today, axe throwing is important for corporate organizations and adults (18 years and above) looking to host meetings. Below are a few worthy benefits attached to organizing this target striking sport:

NY Axe Throwing
NY Axe Throwing
  1. First, this sport provides both mental and physical health benefits. Today, stress and anxiety are two mental disorders that lower the productivity of most employees. With axe throwing in NYC, your employees can easily eliminate stress and anxiety. While targeting a specific location, your mind will block out all distractions caused by stress & anxiety and focus on the throw.


Physically, axe throwing also helps the thrower. The act of throwing helps to build many parts of your body, including your arm muscles, shoulders, and back muscles.


  1. Another good thing about NY Axe Throwing is that it helps to improve your and your employees’ social intelligence. This game helps by teaching throwers how to channel their energy into more productive tasks.


  1. Self-awareness is key to making smart decisions. It also provides you with more self-confidence and the ability to influence various outcomes. Axe throwing is one of the few reliable activities you can organize to improve your workers’ self-awareness. This enhanced self-awareness is key to helping you reduce your anxiety levels, especially when socializing with others.


  1. Team-building is important for every organization and with axe throwing, you can easily achieve this goodie. NY axe throwing is effective in helping you to develop team-building in an exciting way for your employees. This will further help you improve their collaboration & communication skills.

Tips for picking the right Axe Throwing Long Island spot for team building

Are you interested in picking a suitable axe-throwing Long Island spot for your employees but don’t know where to start? If yes, QZAR NY is one of the best companies you can rely on to host your corporate outings and meetings.


Below are a few factors that make QZAR NY the perfect spot for your company’s team-building campaign:


  1. Coaches are pretty important when it comes to playing axe throwing. How exactly are these coaches operating? Will they only teach your employees how to throw and leave them to practice on their own? Will they stay with the employees to help them practice over and over until they improve their skills? All these questions matter when picking the right axe-throwing Long Island spot, such as QZAR NY.


At QZAR NY, our coaches won’t only stay with you to teach you how to throw axes. In addition, they’ll also teach you different techniques for making the best throw.

axe-throwing Long Island
axe-throwing Long Island
  1. Your safety is another important factor that matters when finding the right Axe Throwing NYC spot near you. The best spot should provide you with professional coaches that will pay attention and establish proper safety guidelines at all times during the throwing sessions.


  1. The type of axes available also matters when choosing a suitable spot near you. You and your colleagues or employees don’t have to throw too hard. This explains why the axes available need to have high-quality and sharper blades.


  1. Are there other games available on the spot? This question is also important to further engage your employees. Another effective team-building game your employees can engage in is adult laser tag. Interestingly, this game is available at QZAR NY for you and your employees.