Jennings Has $214,039 Cash on Hand

MN-CD3: Jennings Has $214,039 Cash on Hand

Jennings ‘I’m fully committed to earning the DFL endorsement’

TONKA BAY, MN. – Adam Jennings, a DFL candidate in the 3rd Congressional District reported $214,039 cash on hand at the end of the third quarter.

Jennings, who became the first union endorsed candidate in the 3rd Congressional race last month after winning the UAW’s support, said his goal this quarter was to earn the support of local residents and build his general election team.

“I spent the last three months traveling the district, talking to Democrats. One thing is clear, they are looking for a candidate who will hold Erik Paulsen accountable for his record,” said Jennings. “I can take on Erik Paulsen where he is strongest, support for local business, and pummel him where he is weakest, support for local families.”  

The 3rd Congressional District race will be one of the most hotly contested in the country. Secretary Clinton won this district by nearly ten points.

“The money is going to be there, but if money was everything we would have won the seat last time,” he said. “We will make the case against Paulsen by putting forward a compelling vision for our community’s future.”

Adam Jennings lives in Tonka Bay with his wife Dr. Megan Jennings, a pediatrician, and their two children Dorothy and Atticus. Adam worked his way through college at the U of M working at the Ford Twin Cities Assembly Plant as a UAW member, and in administration at the U of M as a member of AFSCME. After 9/11, Adam signed up for the Minnesota Army National Guard, where he served eight years – including being deployed to Kosovo. Adam got his MBA at the Carlson School. He has worked professionally at Allianz and Mortenson Construction, and owns a small business that provides housing for military veterans.