Fotona 4D Laser: The Revolution Reaches Aesthetics

Laser Hair Removal Services 
Laser Hair Removal Services 

If you were looking for a treatment capable of fighting flaccidity, reducing wrinkles, regenerating and moisturizing, and even reducing dark spots, you’ve just found it.

It is a new treatment that works for the first time from the inside of the mouth and in parallel with the outside. Just as you hear it, the new Fotona 4D Laser treatment can achieve all these results and act for the first time from inside the mouth and working in 4 dimensions.

Highly effective on the face and in areas of concern such as the upper part of the lip (the famous “barcode”) or marionette lines. Once again, the commitment to innovation to achieve the best results leads the research to continue working for continuous improvements in aesthetic medicine services. And so it has come to achieve the results of Laser Fotona 4D area of impact.


What is Fotona 4D Laser?

The Fotona 4D laser is a laser treatment that works with several wavelengths that are applied in synergy in order to work from the most superficial layers to the middle and intermediate structures of the skin and with the aim of also reaching the deepest layers.

It increases the creation of collagen and reduces wrinkles thanks to its effectiveness in recovering the volume our skin loses over time. It is also a non-invasive treatment with highly effective results and without the need for anesthesia.


What Areas Does This Laser Work?

Fotona 4D is the fastest and most immediate solution for skin damaged by the effects of the sun and has lost density, is dull, with pigmented lesions, or with wrinkles inevitable over time. That is why it is a highly recommended treatment to try at any time of year when our skin needs extra pampering and care.

We will be able to improve the quality and texture of the skin of our face and provide it with the luminosity that it lacks. If you also have a tendency to spots, it is also the complete treatment to blur them or, in some cases, make them disappear.

In addition, specifically for the mouth area, for wrinkles on the upper lip and corners, 4D is a truly innovative and safe treatment as it works from the inside out in order to improve tissue tension and Parallel way to achieve a smooth effect on the surface.

Directed heat is applied inside the mouth, achieving immediate contraction and improvement of lip folds, achieving a filling effect on wrinkles. It has the same effects as a filler but with much more natural results without needing any type of injection. Its results are also prolonged in time.

In parallel, work is done on the outside area, achieving global and long-term results in a single treatment.



  • Remodels and repairs the skin from the inside in a way that has not yet been explored in the field of aesthetic medicine and that achieves truly amazing results.
  • Generates and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, the goal always dreamed of by all, to maintain rejuvenated skin, with the recovery of the lost shine and elasticity worn by the passing of the years.
  • Reduces and attenuates wrinkles with the feeling of having improved instantly but without going through the operating room and without the need to interrupt your daily rhythm. Everyone will see you resplendent, but no one will know the secret of your success.
  • Attenuates spots, something highly sought after not only by people who tend to generate them over the years but also by those who have abused the sun and their skin has caused this pigmentation. With Fotona 4DLaser, we work in order to attenuate them, achieving, in some cases, total elimination.

Thanks to the advances and research carried out in centers, the treatments increasingly achieve truly amazing results, especially if we compare them with going through the operating room.

It is no longer necessary to undergo surgery to achieve a rejuvenated face without the trauma of the postoperative period and with the peace of mind of being able to continue your day-to-day. It’s just a matter of putting yourself in the hands of trusted professionals.



Fotona 4D is a revolutionary procedure that combines a synergy of non-invasive laser treatments both outside the face and inside the oral cavity and lips.

The Key West Spa is the trusted professional we can recommend you put yourself in their hand to perform this revolutionary procedure. They perform laser scar revision, eye lifts, treatment for toenail fungus, and laser hair removal services with perfection from highly certified and trained experts.