How to care for your hairless or Sphynx cat

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The bare skin of sphinx kittens results from genetic selection and requires special care. They are not furry or have whiskers, but they do purr. Instead, they are big ears and must wear a jersey, even if they don’t leave the house.


In addition, sphynx cats, or hairless kitties, have wrinkles on their bare skin that some find adorable. And we say practically naked: although the absence of hair is the most striking characteristic of the sphynx, the truth is that its skin is covered by a layer of very fine hair, almost fluff, similar to that of the peach.

They also have a reputation for being funny and intelligent. It is not strange: they are still cats, despite their strange physical appearance and, in practice, kitty. We’ll discuss all you need to know and how to find a sphynx cat for sale near me.

Five keys to take care of your hairless kitten

Hair is vital to cats for many reasons. On the one hand, it protects them and keeps them warm in winter but also cool in summer. In addition to helping them with less obvious tasks, such as communication with other cats: cat skin contains glands that secrete molecules (pheromones) that accumulate in your kitty’s hair. Later he will deposit them in other friendly cats by rubbing them against him. Something that, in addition, is more pleasant when you have hair.


If you live with a hairless or sphinx cat or you plan on getting a sphynx cat for sale in North Carolina, you should know that these kittens need special care:

Keep it hot

You notice it when you hug a hairless cat: his body is very hot. The reason is that his body heat escapes him directly since he does not have a thick furry coat to trap it. All this makes sphynx prone to cold. For this reason, offer him numerous soft places to nap where he can doze in the sun and let him use the warmest blankets. In addition, you will need to wear a sweater for your sphynx during the winter.

Wipes to clean it

In furry kitties, oils secreted by skin glands are dispersed throughout the skin and hair. Since the sphynx kitten is hairless, these oils have nowhere to go. And they accumulate in the skin, causing infections and skin problems.


Although most cats don’t need bathing, a hairless kitty may need extra hygiene. Even so, bathing them shouldn’t be done either because cats don’t take baths well: cleaning them regularly with a wet wipe should be enough. Baby wipes are fine, but make sure they don’t contain irritants.sphynx cat for sale in North Carolina

Pay attention to your cat’s wrinkles.

Sphynx cats have marked wrinkles around their face and shoulders. So pay special attention to these parts during grooming because it is in these folds that more oils from the skin accumulate.

Clean your ears

Also, this breed tends to accumulate a lot of dirt in this area: use warm water and a specific cleaner.

Put a T-shirt on it

Kittens love the sun, but sunbathing without protection exposes them to the same risks we suffer. Among others, the cat can suffer from skin cancer. The bare skin of the sphynx makes it even more prone to sunburn. Mayo recommends avoiding sunscreen because “cats will lick it off and it can be toxic.” On the other hand, if they are going out on a protected terrace, he does recommend putting them on a shirt that covers them.


The Sphynx cat is a lovable and unique breed that needs extra care to stay healthy and live longer. So have this at the back of your mind if you plan on a sphynx cat for sale in Maryland or near me. Suppose you want to buy a sphynx kitten for sale in Los Angeles that has been bred in a proper way with sound health. In that case, Pure Bred Kitties is your best shot at getting a sphynx kitten for sale near me.